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I always was afraid that this could happen. Over a year without adding a message to this column. And one whole year left out. Can't help any more. Let's smile and be happy anyway! (25.4.11)

TECNICAL INFORMATION: Finnish pages are the main part in this website of mine. Anyway, for some reason - in which I can't affect - in some cases this site opens to this english part when first time entered with the basic url: This tends to happen at least when the user has Firefox browser. Those visitors, whose time is most limited, may not notice the option to click the small finnish flag to move to finnish pages. - You can move to finnish part also HERE!
BTW: My son (28 years old) found 6 (or was it only 5) wronly written words up till now in this page. I had thought that one could find only one - maybe two. I still believe that there are plenty of people in the world, who could find only four (british and usa born three) wrongly written words before this day's message. - The son writes about ten email messages in english daily in his job. - I will leave my former texts in this page as they are.

Unbelievable! Almost a year since the last message to this column. Again. The purpose is that there will not be over one year's cap between messagers. Well, it's done now. See you later, alligator! - or alligators! (19.9.09)

It's time to add a little  bit text to this page. It's question about nothing else. So, be happy with this. (6.10.08)

What to write? Not to say anything. To preserve the prinsiples of this page. Funny? Not very. So what. Okay, this is enough for now. Thank you. (17.10.07)

Wellcome back to this website by rake. The prinsiple that noting really will be said in this column will continue. Just small talk. Mainly about this typimg itself. So, keep on reading! (30.1.07)

Why not to take benefit of the option of this publishing system to train to express myself also in english. Actually, I have written practically nothing in english during the few recent years. So, little brushing up makes good.- To be honest, this wasn't as easy as I thouhgt, after all these years. - Or ... should it be: '... SO easy as ...'? And that was not the only item in which I feel myself unsure. - I really need practishing and repeating. Now I find that this writing turns towards blog type writing. Anyway, I will keep the tecnical form of this page as ordinary strait text page and not turn it to tecnically blog page because this is more space saving form and I will not bother readers to ask them to give comments to these texts. Thanks anyway. (26.1.07)




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